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Cashing in on the $9 Billion Dollar Hair Industry


While the growth in the hair market continues to flourish, there is a sector of the industry that is has yet to see the same success. In Pittsburgh, African-American beauty supply store owners are concerned about their stake in the $9 billion dollar hair industry. In an article by the Sacramento Observer, store owners say that they have yet to see real profit from the sale of hair extensions. Competing against Korean owned beauty supply stores, Black business owners are claiming extreme difficulty when trying to buy wholesale hair extensions from distributors who themselves are Korean. In some instances, store owners have been denied certain hair products because they were not Korean.

Not unlike the situation in many other locales, Pittsburgh reminds me that while there may be a beauty supply store on every corner (and african-americans are usually patronizing and spending big bucks), the real profit of the hair industry seems to go to other ethnicities.

In an industry that seems to be growing more and more every day, I'm surprised that more people aren't able to cash in equally. Without doubt, the sale of virgin hair extensions seems to have influenced the entrepreneurial spirit in most new hair retailers. However, is the market less promising for African-American owned small businesses in the long run?

What are your thoughts?


Source: Sacramento Observer

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  1. Tanya V

    This is very true. It is really difficult for a single African-American beauty supply owner to compete with Korean's pricing, especially when they buy in bulk. Koreans have tried to lock African-Americans completely out of capitalizing from the hair industry, even though we are the biggest consumer of remy hair extensions. Also one of the major hair suppliers in this industry, still refers to us as the "N" word, as was quoted in an article buy a African- American businessman who tried to buy from them directly. Thankfully there is a new company, Micore` International that is striving to level the playing field and shift some of those billions back to the people that actually purchase the product. This company will revolutionize the hair industry and give African-American beauty supply store owners, salon owners, stylists and individuals a chance to increase their income by getting paid to sell remy hair extensions. Our Motto is - "Why Buy Hair When You can Buy A Hair Business". If you want more info on the movement that this company is creating and how you can be a part of it, check us out on FB and/or email me at remyhairpays@ .

  2. Stella Johnson

    Hello sir/madam

    I am from Senegal and also interested in working with you like buying goods from your products

    May i know if you supply your goods also to Africa,and are there samples also

    please get back to me

    Stella Johnson
    from the johnsons
    Dakar Senegal


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